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ASME Industry Events has always connected the industry. Now it’s time to transform it. 



The reality is that our industry has changed more in the last 18 months than in the last 18 years. 


The pandemic has accelerated industrial digital transformation and the need for current technical information, resources, and relationships to help engineers succeed. 


When the world changes, business changes at every level. 


Even the way that people connect and consume knowledge is evolving.  Building a network for cross industry and interdisciplinary collaboration is more important than ever.   

Digital disruption is changing markets. Industry needs and behaviors are changing, and technology is rapidly evolving. The digital revolution is about disrupting innovation. Disruptive Innovation means evolving business models to meet our customers’ future needs better.  

We believe that industry professionals deserve a better way to gain content, community, and connections. ASME has always brought the industry together. Now it’s time to transform it.  


We are excited to launch Metrix by ASME.


Metrix is an events and content platform for collaboration in the new world.  We will host content, thought leadership, communities, and innovation both on-line and off-line. The place where you get the latest objective views on the future of engineering.  

This innovation curve has just begun as the world has forever changed and will continue to evolve rapidly. There are no barriers, only opportunities to connect and progress together.   

Metrix welcomes the industry with a host of ideas. 


Let’s Transform Industry. Together.

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