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As the leading organization in engineering knowledge, ASME has always connected experts.

From the first meeting of ASME’s founders 140 years ago until today, we are leveraging engineering expertise to solve real-world problems, and advancing engineering and technology to improve quality of life worldwide.



The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Engineers in aerospace, energy, medical, automotive, and more rely on ASME for standards, professional development, and technical resources. 


Digital disruption is changing markets.


Industry needs and behaviors are changing, and technology is rapidly evolving. The digital revolution is about disrupting innovation. Disruptive Innovation means evolving business models to meet our customers’ future needs better.  


We are excited to launch Metrix by ASME


We will host content, thought leadership, communities, and innovation both on-line and off-line. The place where you get the latest objective views on the future of engineering. Metrix is the exclusive conduit to the ASME membership base of 90,000+ technical professionals in over 80 countries who are leaders and technical experts in numerous engineering disciplines and industries.   


ASME’s mission is to advance engineering for the benefit of humanity


Members are fulfilling that mission and receive access to a wealth of technical information and resources, opportunities to connect and volunteer with industry peers who share the same passions and interests, plus valuable guidance and tools throughout their professional journey.  


Let’s Transform Industry. Together.

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