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Our flexible platform and portfolio give you the power to design custom solutions that fit your goals and budget. Connect with your customers and optimize content across multiple channels.  Cut through the complexity and we’ll design a custom portfolio approach that helps meet your goals.  




Custom Webinars

Your unique content is presented by your experts and moderated by our editors. All webinars are recorded and available on-demand. Receive full registrant contact information and interactivity metrics including minutes viewed, questions asked, poll responses, and more. 

Additive Manufacturing | Digital Twin | Robotics | Supply Chain | Energy Transformation 

Editorial Webinars

Our editorial webinars unite subject matter experts, industry leaders and technical insiders to analyze and dissect engineering trends, innovations and shifts. Our editors drive dynamic conversations in a ‘studio’ format.

ME Conversation Series | AM Series | Digital Twin Series 

Video & Podcasts



ASME Tech Videos

Biweekly videos that focus on a range of topics and on the innovators who are working on today's breakthrough technologies. Topics include design, manufacturing, automation, robotics, IoT, energy, bioengineering, and more. ​


In an Engineering Minute

Custom video program that describes complex concepts in 60 seconds. Popular ‘bite-sized’ content aligns your thought leaders with a memorable resource. Customized distribution plan positions each video across multiple channels. 


Mechanical Engineering Special Reports

Take a deep dive into the breakthrough impact of today's evolving technologies and how they are transforming industries and the workforce through this documentary-style video series.


Custom Video

Position your authoritative content prominently with ASME. Posted alongside ASME editorial content, Society news and other sought-after resources. Subject matter expertise creates inbound demand for your products and services. 



ASME TechCast

Biweekly podcasts that focus on a range of topics and on the innovators who are working on today's breakthrough technologies. Topics include design, manufacturing, automation, robotics, IoT, energy, bioengineering, and more. 


Custom Podcasts

ASME TechCast broadcasts on key topics. Mechanical Engineering editors lead a discussion with your subject matter experts. Feature your company's expertise and thought leadership. Distributed on and promoted as special editions of the Mechanical Engineering podcast. 






Tech Reboot e-Newsletter

Curated tech news on emerging trends and insights into energy, bioengineering, robotics, and digital engineering.  

AUDIENCE: (38,000) ​​



Updates and news about the Society, key activities and its members. 

AUDIENCE: (41,000)


ME Today (Bi-monthly)

Assists early career engineers in advancing their careers, professional awareness, and their understanding of the practice and business of engineering. 

AUDIENCE: (39,000) ​​



Digital Twin

Focused on industrial digital transformation, data, analytics, modeling and simulation, design, manufacturing, cyber security, business strategy and more. 

AUDIENCE: (6,000)


AM News

Highlighting innovations in Additive Manufacturing technology, processes and materials paired with useful resources, guides, and links to deep dive content.  

AUDIENCE: (10,000) ​​




Turn your data into compelling visuals that grab the audience's attention. Great for building top-of-funnel interest and educating prospects. 



Sponsored quizzes and challenges generate interactions with a target audience by testing their knowledge on a range of topics. A related content module, on the results page, leads to high engagement with your company and messaging. 


Polls & Surveys

Quick polls and surveys allow you to connect with, engage, and grow your audience and build awareness. People enjoy expressing opinions and their responses help you to guide content, test concepts or pulse-check a certain topic. Instant results are shared with respondents featuring your brand. 

Print & Digital


Mechanical Engineering Magazine

Mechanical Engineering Magazine is the award-winning flagship publication exclusive to ASME members. It is published 6x annually and is at the core of ASME's content strategy and ecosystem. Founded in 1878, its in-depth features, columns, and editorial help engineers understand and solve challenges in a constantly evolving technology landscape.


Industry Watch

A new section of ME Magazine from Metrix – an ASME Company. Featuring thought leaders and leading practitioners in advanced technologies: Additive Manufacturing, Digital Engineering, Energy Transformation, Robotics and more. Assert thought leadership in these key topics with custom content opportunities, resources, and tools. 



AM/3D Printing Year in Review Series

Medical | Aerospace |Energy | Automotive 

Keeping up with the latest developments in AM is nearly impossible. This series of concise reports helps the community stay informed on technology trends and advances by industry segment. Each report includes detailed statistics, a snapshot of applications based upon user surveys, plus key developments as chosen by our panel of industry experts. 



Create thought-provoking content that showcases your company's expertise and thought leadership. Reach your target audience, generate leads and accelerate purchase decisions by redefining a market space. Collaborate with our team to fine tune your message and stake out your position as an industry leader. 


Event Sponsorships

Engage 1:1 live, virtual, in-person and on-demand with dynamic event audiences who are actively looking for technology solutions. Meet the right people. For sponsors, our curated ‘Meetings Match’ program provides high level introductory meetings with prospects to explore potential opportunities.  The sponsor experience includes opportunities to participate in content sessions, sponsored speaking opportunities, curated and informal networking.

Brand Awareness

  • Registration sponsorship - Corporate branding on registration page and confirmation to attendees.
  • Video Ad - your video message  showcases your company as attendees log in.
  • Metrix event sponsorship provides 100,000 marketing exposures.

Thought Leadership

  • InnoZones – Present a customer case study on a key innovation tied to your technology.  Part of the conference program. 
  • Premium Panel Sponsorship One panel seat for your expert. Includes lead information from participants 
  • Lunch & Learn – Host a live discussion over lunch on a subject of your choice.  Live Q&A.

Lead Generation

  • 1:1 Meetings Match: Gain access to carefully selected buyers in your target category for curated meetings managed by our expert team.
  • Demo Jam sessions at a Metrix Event generate interest for your products.
  • Digital Marketplace - Meet attendees via video/chat, share product videos, demos, product specs and collateral.

Custom Opportunities


Your ideas plus our horsepower is a winning equation.  Trust our editors and conference experts to design compelling content and lead generation opportunities around your technology solutions.  Position your company as an industry leader. 

Whitepapers  | Q&A Article or Executive Profile  | Research & Reports | Podcasts | Videos | Infographics | Surveys & Quizzes |Roundtable Sessions | Corporate Virtual & In-Person Events | Product/Brand Fact Sheets  



Metrix provides the opportunity to create compelling brand experiences in-person, virtually, or a hybrid combination. Our innovative approach incorporates a variety of networking, in-depth workshop sessions, webinars, gamification, live chat, and more.  Data rich leads include content management & analytics, providing real customer insight. An event is more than just a parade of keynotes and breakout sessions. It’s a chance for your organization to bolster important relationships, make new connections, boost loyalty, and strengthen your brand. 



Events have moved from a singular, once-a-year activity to an enduring, immersive community where technology insights, expert advice and resources are available 24-7-365. Metrix is building a community around Digital Transformation – working together with industry to move technology forward and increase adoption.   

We convene advisors and working groups around key industry topics including workforce competencies, pandemic response, and supply chain.  Supporting standards development and harmonization via industry collaboratives, and inspiring engineering students through ASME E-Fest and other programs. Access a plethora of resources like webinars, whitepapers, articles, research, reports, events, and newsletters.  

We hope you’ll join us in our ongoing initiatives. Let’s transform industry together. 

Let’s Transform Industry. Together.

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