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Metrix partners with customers to provide a concierge experience in a full service, consultative process,  and follow up.   

Why Sponsor?

The sponsor experience includes opportunities to participate in content sessions, sponsored speaking opportunities, curated and informal networking including 1:1 scheduled meetings, and multi-touchpoint lead generation campaigns throughout the event lifecycle and beyond.   

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Metrix combines the reach of digital with the in-depth of face-to- face in an integrated portfolio of solutions.


We work with you to master this business and technology disruption, helping to develop the business model, technology, and capabilities for you to excel and win.   

Driving innovative experience design, features and platforms we are customer centric driving results, connectivity, and networking for your business. Delivering data-rich leads to sponsors that drive business results with KPIs measuring progress to goal.



Integrated Marketing Solutions


Our flexible platform and portfolio give you the power to design custom solutions that fit your goals and budget. Connect with your customers and optimize content across multiple channels.  Cut through the complexity, and we’ll design a custom portfolio approach that helps meet your goals.  

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Customer Success is in our DNA


Our customer success team is committed to helping you excel and gain maximum results.  We put customer needs first – partnering with you at every level to provide a true concierge experience. We are focused on building relationships.  Working closely together throughout your journey begins at square one with detailed onboarding, helpful resources, and frequent check ins.  We do not stop until the desired result is achieved.   


A Host of Connections


Powering the human connection. Matching technology seekers and providers to build solutions that advance the industry, drive business transformation, and increase adoption.

Our engagement hub helps industry professionals discover technologies, people, and companies based upon their specific interests.  Set meetings with the right people – on your terms and on your schedule. Gain exclusive access to a community of technical experts, industry colleagues, and like-minded professionals interested in collaborating.   


A Host of Community


Make meaningful connections. Unlock access to resources, content, people, and expertise to inform technology purchase decisions and cement business relationships.

Meet the right people. For sponsors, our curated ‘Meetings Match’ program provides high level introductory meetings with prospects to explore potential opportunities.  Concierge Service: Our expert team schedules and confirms VIP meetings with your target audience – managing the entire process from identifying targets to qualification to confirmation and follow up.



A Host of Exclusive Content


The knowledge destination for binge-worthy content and exclusive insights. 


Let’s Transform Industry. Together.

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